COVID-19 Announcement - Prepare for any challenges that may arise


Stay Safe

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The current news so far

As we’re sure you’re aware, we are in the midst of a global pandemic. Times are uncertain, and with the infection rate rising quicker than it can be contained, it is extremely important for brands such as ourselves to strongly promote awareness of steps that our customers can follow to ensure their safety.

The Pandemic

The Corona Virus (COVID -19) is a new infectious disease that is caused by a novel stream of coronavirus. It is now a global pandemic with millions affected across the globe. The virus affects the respiratory system of an individual and people with low immunity are extremely susceptible to it and can cause serious illness or worse, death.


It is spread via droplets of nasal discharge or saliva when you either sneeze or cough. It is recommended that you cough or sneeze into your elbow to stop the droplets from spreading. This pandemic should not be taken lightly, even governments are ordering country wide lockdowns in order to prevent the further spreading of this virus. People everywhere are wearing masks and gloves and are panicking immensely. This is leading to chaos as is evident from the mass stockpiling of commodities by various individuals. In various parts of the world, hand sanitizers are also being stockpiled as fear and commotion spreads. Superstores have had to open separate timings for the elderly due to the fact that people are pushing and shoving in superstores and the older people are experiencing a lot of trouble Thus, it is now time for us as individuals of society to play our part in helping overcome this by proceeding with a few guidelines:

Practice ‘Social Distancing'

This is a concept that aims at preventing the spread of the disease by maintaining a physical distance between people. People are asked to stay at home and if they start experiencing symptoms, they are asked to self-isolate for 2 weeks in order for the virus to pass out of their system.

Only purchase essentials

Stockpiling is not the key to resolving this as there are a number of people who are finding it difficult to access their day to day rations.

Help those in need

As many people are being forced to work from home, day to day earners are finding it extremely difficult to make ends meet.

Good hygiene

Practice good hygiene. Avoid touching your face or eyes without washing your hands.

Looking after the Elderly

Minimize contact with elderly people and people with low immunity for their safety

We understand how this must have affected your business at Amazon as well, and would like to assure you that hopefully things will be looking better real soon. Our team wishes you and your family the best of health. We hope that you will take our awareness message seriously as it is for the betterment of all of mankind. 

Let’s unite against this pandemic and come out strong on the other side.


Stay Safe

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