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Amazon Seller Central Account Suspended – What Next?

When an Amazon Seller Central account is deleted or suspended, it is a seller's worst nightmare. This is mainly due to Amazon's strict restrictions intended to protect both sellers and shoppers. What causes this to occur? Is it possible to undo it? How much time does it take to restore your account to its previous state? You're undoubtedly wondering about a...

Reinstate AMZ - Amazon Seller Account Specialists

How to Reactivate Your Inactive Amazon Seller Account

Has your seller account been deactivated by Amazon to a violation of policy? If your Amazon seller account has been canceled, suspended, or you haven't sold in a while, you're probably wondering exactly how to reactivate it. While the process itself may seem straightforward, there are many things that can go wrong. You only get limited options to appeal for...

Reinstate AMZ - Valid Tracking Rate Suspension

Valid Tracking Rate Suspension

The measurement of how often you applied information regarding valid tracking for your packages is known as valid tracking rate suspension. This rate is calculated as the ratio of merchants providing packages that have a valid tracking number. The tracking number is used to locate the location of orders. The client depends on valid tracking numbers to realize where their orders...

Reinstate AMZ - Invoice Defect Rate

Invoice Defect Rate

Amazon requires sellers to provide valid VAT invoices within a day for every order as soon as dispatch is confirmed. Credit notes on returns should be sent within one working day as well. By working as a seller on Amazon, you must adhere to these policies to be able to continue selling on this platform. Invoice Defect Rate is a ratio...



The best way to keep track of how you're performing as a seller is by keeping regular tabs on the Amazon Order Defect Rate (Amazon ODR). It is a simple performance metric that decides whether you're a successful seller or not! Or within the words of Amazon – “The Order Defect Rate (ODR) is that the measure of an Amazon Seller’s...