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Report an Intellectual Property Infringement to Amazon​

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Are you fed up seeing your product(s) being sold or counterfeiting by other Amazon Sellers?

Please note that this service could result in your competitors not being allowed to sell your branded goods as well as being suspended on Amazon for infringe intellectual property rights.

If you are the Rights Owner we can help you register your complaint whether it’s to report inappropriate listings, policy violations, report a violation etc with Amazon. This means that any Amazon Seller who lists your product or copies of your product could be suspended if you are the Rights Owner.

Once we have reported your infringement, inappropriate listings, policy violations, with Amazon we will provide all the relevant information to ensure that current Amazon Sellers are prohibited from listing the Trademarked product again.

It’s important for you to hire someone who has the relevant experience, knowledge and skills in this area.

Contact our legal team to discuss your case with total confidentiality.

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