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Trademark for Amazon Brand Registry

Obtain exclusive rights over your products and brands

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Is your product being counterfeited by other amazon sellers?

Please note that this service could result in your competitors not being allowed to sell your branded goods as well as being suspended on Amazon for infringe intellectual property rights.

We take pride in building lasting relationships with our clients by offering the best value added services and after sales support pertaining to your needs of registering your brand and trademark with the brand registry. We have a team of extremely talented and experienced professionals who have over 10 years of experience in this industry.

The process of registering your brand trademark with us is very easy. You will be assigned to an expert. Its important to register your brand as soon as possible because your competitors will take a toll on your business.

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There are various benefits so as to why one must immediately register their brand/trademark. Some of the benefits enjoyed by brands registered with the Amazons Brand Registry are as follows:

  1. If you have a registered Amazon Trademark on Amazon you will enjoy exclusive rights over your products.
  2. You will be able to warn other sellers of Amazon Intellectual Property Infringement if they’re selling copies of your products or products under your brand name.
  3. You will be able to report other sellers selling your products or copies if they do not take down their listings after the warning.
  4. Once Amazon Intellectual Property Infringement is reported, the accused sellers are suspended by Amazon after thorough investigation once you’re claim is proved.
  5. The sellers will be removed through a Rights Owner Suspension Notice via email by Amazon.
  6. Your brand’s name and image will no longer be under threat of misuse and exploitation and you will be able to grow your business and increase sales.
  7. You will get legal rights of your business which is itself a separate legal identity/personality.
  8. You will get additional services by registering your brand with Amazons Brand Registry.

Now this depends on where you are located on the map and which country’s market your product is intended for. Once, we have identified the country your product is being sold in or will be sold to, we make contact with relevant authorities to get your process started. We will communicate everything that will be required for registering your brand and Amazon Trademark and that’s it! Users who try to register their brands and trademarks on their own often find it intimidating and time consuming due to their lack of experience in such matters, therefore by availing our services we guarantee you peace of mind in this domain. 

We assist e-commerce businesses listed on Amazon in getting their brand and Amazon Trademark registered. We provide assistance in Amazon Intellectual Property Infringement cases.  Over the years, due to our extensive expertise in this field, we can confidently say that you are in safe hands and will get the best service in this demanding and delicate process which requires correct and complete information submission and careful attention to details that many can miss out on. Lucky for you we can save you of all the hassle, time and energy that you will have to pour into Amazon Brand Registry and Amazon Trademarks by doing all the hard work for you.

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