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Amazon pay per click is an advertisement model where Amazon displays an Ad for your store on their search result pages for relevant keyword searches, and for every time that a user clicks on your Ad, you will be charged a certain amount by Amazon.

3 Advertisement models for merchants & stores 

Sponsored Products

Where your products are shown as the topmost result against a particular keyword search

Sponsored Brands

Where brands can publicise their brand logo, and up to 3 products in their ad

Product Display Ads 

Ads that redirect users to Amazon product detail pages on your stores

In terms of price of the Amazon PPC, simply put, the bidder that offers the highest prices for the ad placement is the one who gets it. For a place on a product page, you have to outbid hundreds or even thousands of your competitors, which is why hiring professionals services from Reinstate Amz to come up with the best strategy to go about advertising on Amazon that is best suited to your exact needs and requirements.

Why should you consider this advertising model?

It is no doubt that businesses and e-commerce stores that advertise their products on Amazon enjoy the benefits of greater visibility, increased sales and revenue, reliability and trust instilled in the vendor, increased reach to a diverse and more relevant audience, and more.

In the case of Amazon PPC services, there are a number of benefits that your business can enjoy, such as:

  • Better rankings- improved rankings in Amazon’s search engine results pages, and increased visibility of products to your audience since your products are being displayed above those of your competitors.
  • Boosted Sales- increased visibility also means more people look at your products and are more inclined to make a purchase, thereby increasing your sales. Your sales have the potential to multiply by several folds if you decide to avail of our keyword optimization services.
  • Only Pay for Clicks, Not Impressions- even if a visitor does not click on your ad, you will still get the exposure from having shown your ad to the potential customer, without having to pay a dime for it.

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