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Amazon Seller Account
$ 99
  • New Account Setup
  • Any Amazon Marketplace
  • Email Support


Amazon Seller Account
$ 195
  • New Account Setup
  • 2 days Support after completion
  • Any Amazon Marketplace
  • 24/7 Live Chat, WhatsApp
    & Email Support


Set up your amazon account today and start selling to earn a substantial profit and access to a market all over the world. Amazon is the ever so popular platform both for sellers and shoppers. Selling a plethora of products from different users this service allows sellers to utilize the platform’s power and accessibility to distribute and network their products to a large consumer base. Make your business dreams come true by creating or regaining your Amazon account with Reinstate Amz help.


Depending on many different factors, individuals who wish to start off their business on Amazon can start with a small amount of money that can be less than $500. By sourcing your products or producing them yourself build your retail business by targeting different niches or popular profitable products.


Decide between different service options and begin your business through Amazon. Follow these easy steps to open your very own seller’s account.

  1. Go onto your browser and type in then proceed by clicking the “Start Selling’ link.
  2. Next, go to and click on the ‘Register Now” button or the “Selling on Amazon” link. This will direct you to the Amazon services page.
  3. Then go to the bottom of the home page and press the ‘Sell on Amazon’ button under the ‘Make Money with Us” section.

The seller then needs to decide whether they want to be Professional sellers or Individual Sellers. Each type of seller on Amazon avails different features on the website.


  1. Monthly Fee

Different sellers pay different fees for their accounts. Professional sellers pay $39.99 a month even if they do not register any products or conduct any sales.

  1. Listing Fees

Although both individual and professional sellers pay the same fees on product sales, Individual sellers are charged extra fees for each unit they sell. Professional sellers do not submit to these additional charges. Individuals selling more than 40 units should consider getting a professional account to cut costs.

  1. Shipping rates

Professional sellers are allowed to settle their own shipping rates. However, it is important to remember that Amazon still charges a combined referral fee on both the product and shipping cost.

  1. Listing new products

Individual sellers are limited to adding existing offers to listing available on Amazon. Professional sellers on the other hand have more leniency and can create new listings for new products.

  1. Gated categories

Holding boundless categories for sellers to sell their products in, only professional sellers have been permitted to list and supply products in over a dozen categories.


The entire registration process is quite simple and can be easily completed by a seller in under an hour. Ensure you have all the viable information to prevent your account from being suspended due to verification issues. Sellers in different countries will be subject to different rules and regulations. There is, however, five main pieces of information that are needed before you begin the registration process. These include but are limited to:

  • Documents stating your legal business name, address, and contact information.
  • An official email address that has been created for business operations. Amazon will inform sellers about important information through this email account.
  • An active credit card with a valid billing address needs to be provided.
  • An operational phone number through which sellers can be contacted for extra information or confirmation during the registration process. Amazon also occasionally calls its sellers to resolve issues with their accounts and to make sure the number is accurate.
  • Tax identity information, which includes your Social Security number or your business’s Federal Tax ID number. A short detour will begin where your information and registration process will be submitted and verified. This is a very important part of the process since Amazon has been ordered by the IRS to collect its clientele’s ID information. Through this, the IRS will be promptly notified of any taxable earnings Amazon sellers earn through their accounts.

And that’s it you’re done! Once all of this information has been provided your Amazon account will be successfully set up!

With our help at Reinstate Amz, we promise to aid our clients in making their registration process as convenient and smooth as possible. We will handle your entire registration process so you can just focus on delivering the best products to your customers. Once you have provided us with all the relevant information we guarantee the protection and confidentiality of all of your information and will never leak it to any third-party sources. Leave the daunting task of setting up an account to us and focus mainly on developing a consumer base by offering the best service. We also offer additional services such as consultation and assistance.

Happy Selling!

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