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Supplier Invoice Inspection - Amazon Requirements

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Supplier Invoice Inspection- Amazon Requirements

Whilst selling on amazon, it is very important to get your invoices prescreened in order for them to match and meet Amazon’s requirements. Save yourself from the risk of getting your documents denied by hiring our experienced team to prescreen each invoice to make sure it matches Amazon’s requirements.

Amazon Invoicing Requirements:

  1. The Seller Central details for your company’s name and address must match all supplier invoices. Although location changes or changes in payment information are very common, it is important to be completely up to date with all account information on the invoices.
  2. Supplier information should be accurate and legible. Amazon often reaches out to suppliers via phone-call to confirm details of the invoice, so it is always better to give your supplier a heads up to expect a call.
  3. Make sure that the quantity matches the volume of products sold in a calendar year.
  4. Product descriptions should be easy to find and straightforward.
  5. Amazon takes the entire invoicing process very seriously. If you don’t have these invoices ready and have them match the requirements, you’re in trouble.

There are also a lot of other intricate requirements involved in the invoicing process, since Amazon takes this very seriously. It is always better to get your invoices prescreened in order to ensure your appeals do not get rejected. Reach out to us now for more!


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Invoice inspection

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  • upto 3 invoices
  • Additional $25 per invoice
  • Any Amazon Marketplace
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