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Expert Consultation

Expert Consultation

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We can certainly understand the sentiment when people panic after just finding out that their Amazon seller account has been suspended. For many sellers on the platform — and perhaps for you too — Amazon may be their only source of income.

But panicking is not the solution, neither is trying to solve the issue yourself by just jabbing out an appeal and sending it right away. That’s guaranteed to get no results.

It gets worse because Amazon has never really been big on giving you detailed information about what activity caused your account suspension.

There’s so much you can do wrong if you try to seek reinstatement on your own. You could send an emotionally long appeal letter to Amazon Seller Performance. You could send the appeal too quickly. You could use the wrong language, tone, formatting and much more.

To avoid delaying your reinstatement or worse still, risking a termination, you should turn this over to an Amazon suspension expert.

Over the years, we’ve helped countless seller accounts get reinstated and we can do the same for you.

With our suspension consultation:

  • We can help you figure out the finer details of how you violated Amazon’s policies — or if you did violate any policy
  • We’ll instruct you on the tone you need to use while writing your appeal
  • We’ll show you the correct format to employ and how to submit your appeal
  • We’ll also instruct you on how to space out your follow up letters
  • We’ll hold your hands as we show you what to write in your appeal depending on your unique suspension circumstances.

Amazon account suspension is a serious issue but there’s an art to it. And over the years, we’ve honed our skills in this niche while also picking the brains of ex-Amazon staff that used to be part of the Amazon Seller Performance Department.

Don’t risk your account by going on blindly – Let our experts help you .


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