Every Amazon seller wants to sell a good amount of products and earn money. However, to ensure that your business runs smoothly, you need to keep an eye on all the strict policies of Amazon. It includes existing as well as continuously updated policies as Amazon has a really strict check and balance on the sellers on its platform to maintain reputation.

With Amazon’s commitment to guaranteeing an excellent customer experience, Amazon continuously monitors and updates its policies. One common mistake made by sellers is selling ‘Used’ products as ‘New’. Amazon has very strict measures in place and takes serious action in order to ensure that its quality standards are not compromised.



You might consider every product that was not opened as new but from what we get from the new Amazon Policy everything that has been returned (even without opening a package or even with a damaged packaging can be considered as used and a customer might make a “used sold as new” ” appeal. Putting your account under review or eventually getting it suspended.


You need to know how to handle specific situations when you are an Amazon seller. If a client proceeds with a “Used sold as new” complaint, you should follow the right procedures to resolve this complaint as soon as possible. It is always better to allow experts at ReinstateAmz to handle the entire process from start to end.




Don’t worry if you are not that aware of how to answer the Amazon questions after you have been investigated for a “used sold as new” complaint. Our seasoned experts have numerous years of experience in helping sellers resolve similar complaints. We’d love to help you get through this difficult time and run your business smoothly.


You need to figure out what to do with a complaint that has been launched against you. There are two primary reasons why a customer would launch a ‘Used’ sold as ‘New’ appeal. These include:


  1. Damaged packaging: If the packaging of your product has been damaged during shipping then it might be marked as used when it reaches its buyer.


  1. Returned Product: The product was shipped to another person and then returned to due to some reason within your return policy, thus it may show some signs that it was being used earlier.


Few things you might need consider to avoid “used sold as new” complain


  • Sourcing: Double-check that you are getting your products from a reliable source.
  • Listing: You need to ensure that your product is mentioned in the list of the products that are allowed to be sold on Amazon and there is no problem with your products
  • Packaging: Proper packaging is done according to the rules mentioned by the policies of Amazon.
  • Shipping: The product is properly stored, packed, and shipped to ensure that the product does not lose its quality while it is on its way to the buyer.
  • Communication: Proper communication with your customer can save you from a lot of problems.


At ReinstateAmz, we do not only assist you with handling such complaints, but we also ensure that you don’t get the “used sold as new” complaint by helping you learn how to properly communicate with your client to satisfy their misgivings. Remember, we’re always here for anything that you might need in regards to Amazon. Try our services out for yourself and see why our customers absolutely love our results!

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