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How to Avoid Being Suspended by Amazon?

Amazon enables sellers to meet millions of customers online by leveraging their online marketplace platform. Regardless of the fact of whether you’re a new seller or a very experienced one, one of the biggest fears that each seller has is of facing an amazon suspension. A suspension can be very damaging to your business. Amazon does have an appeal process, but that takes time and does not always work out. Appeal services such as ReinstateAmz’s Amazon’s suspension appeal service offer various solutions to get your account reinstated.

Popular reasons for Amazon Suspension include:

  • Selling restricted/prohibited products

It is easy to avoid this by carefully researching what products are allowed on Amazon. Amazon offers very strict and straightforward guidelines onto what is and isn’t allowed on their platform.

  • Reopening a new account after the suspension of an old one

This is strictly prohibited as the Amazon algorithm has been specially programmed in order to find instances like this to ensure quality on their platform. This scenario can be avoided by hiring Amazon appeal experts such as ReinstateAmz to handle your entire appeals process for you, from start to finish.

  • Operating multiple accounts to sell products that are the same

Typically, this is not allowed by Amazon until and unless there is a certain reason to not sell them from one single account. Approval has to be taken from amazon for this particular instance and separate bank accounts and emails have to be kept.

  • Poor metrics for performance

This reason for suspension is the most common amongst Amazon sellers. In order to fully commit themselves towards achieving customer satisfaction, Amazon has set performance targets which have to be met by every seller who wishes to continue selling on amazon. These performance targets include:

  1. Less than 2.5% Cancellation Rate

Your cancellation rate is calculated by dividing cancellations before shipping by the number of orders made in a specific period of time. If you go above 2.5%, this definitely can be a cause for an Amazon account suspension.

  1. Order Rate for Defect

It is very important that you avoid getting negative feedback or a refund. This goes to exhibit that your product is not as promised and Amazon takes this very seriously. The percentage rate for this should be less than one percent, as stated by Amazon.

  1. Late Shipment Percentage

Delayed shipping is unacceptable as this causes the customer to be very dissatisfied with Amazon’s services. The percentage threshold of late shipment is four percent and is calculated by dividing the orders that were shipped late by more than 2 days by the total number of orders in the same period of time.

  1. Percentage of Perfect Orders (For sellers in the United States)

These include orders that were made without any problems such as refunds. It is calculated by dividing the number or refunds by the number of total orders within a duration of 90 days. Amazon states that this percentage must be above 95%. Numerous sellers face problems with this due to errors made by buyers and this can often be quite frustrating from the seller’s perspective.

As for a dropshipper, it can extremely frustrating due to the fact that you have no control over the performance of your supplier. It is extremely important to communicate your requirements to your supplier very extensively and to locate suppliers who have been already proved to be reliable. Another thing that can be done is to keep a backup supplier of the same product if the first one fails deliver.

Communication with the customer is also very important. In case of any problem, please effectively reach out the customer and explain the predicament clearly. You can also offer discounts or freebies on their next purchase in order to avoid them lodging a complaint. These problems have to be tackled head on and cannot be resolved by panicking and avoiding the problem. Please also ensure that everything you’re offering the customer as compensation is also readily available in order to avoid further problems.

Try to maximize sales volume. The more amount of orders you have, the lesser amount of risk will be imposed by a dispute. Lastly, it is imperative to understand that there are always going to be customers who leave bad feedback. Disputes that are fraudulent are going to happen no matter what you do. Your top priority should be delivering optimum quality and ensuring complete satisfaction.

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