An ASIN suspension is very common and can usually lead a lot of undue stress and can cause a lot of financial strain to your business. An ASIN suspension can occur due to a number of reasons, including not meeting the criteria set by Amazon to sell on their website. These suspensions are becoming increasingly common due to the rise in dropshipping where most suppliers do not provide their buyers with quality items. The search for a low cost, high-profit item is always barricaded by the item quality being reduced.

Amazon is extremely strict about quality assurance since it promises high-quality products to its customers. The required thresholds are set by Amazon in order to ensure that each seller has a streamlined process that facilitates good quality standards on their platform. It is very important that each seller meets these goals in order to avoid a suspension. Banned sellers do not get a chance to reopen a listing and if suspended, your appeal could be your one and only shot towards being able to sell on this platform.

Appealing for Reinstatement

Luckily, since it’s so common, Amazon allows you to submit an appeal in order to reinstate your account. These appeals have to be very carefully drafted as Amazon, and must include an extensive Plan of Action) to Amazon’s performance team, on which they’ll give their verdict after reviewing your appeal. Your appeal is meant to be focused on the problem that caused the account suspension and states what actions you’re taking to fix the problem.

Leave it to the Experts – ReinstateAMZ

Since this is your last shot to get your account reinstated, it is always better to leave the appeals up to the reinstatement experts such as ReinstateAMZ. Our appeal experts will carefully go over each and every factor involved in the cancellation and will write a carefully drafted appeal, maximizing your chances for reinstatement.

Best of all, ReinstateAMZ offers a complete end to end solution, where they’ll keep replying and following up with Amazon until your account has been reinstated. This offers a completely stress-free alternative to the stressful writing and waiting that one has to endure during trying to appeal yourself. ReinstateAMZ’s experts are well aware of how to expedite the process and have several contacts within the Amazon team itself, that have accumulated over the years of successful appeals.

Your plan of action needs to have you understanding and taking into account the mistake you made and a proper step by step procedure to bring about the change needed to fit all of Amazon’s criteria again.  The information has to be extensive, so do not hold anything back as they’ll get back to you with a “We do not have sufficient information to reinstate your account” email.

Clearly identify the root cause of problematic orders that have led to the suspension of your account. A statement of taking responsibility absolutely is imperative such as

“I recognize and understand the mistakes made to receive this suspension. I will list down these mistakes and the problems with my procedures that have resulted in this suspension, including my Plan of Action being submitted to ensure that I fully abide by Amazon policy.”

We have plenty of tools and tricks to carefully draft reasons for your suspension and to focus primarily on getting your account reinstated as soon as possible. These reasons may include things similar to “I have not always used a trackable delivery service to make sure the product has been received”. Every statement written by us offers a way out for you to improve and mention how you’re going to be able to improve it in the next paragraph.

Next comes the most important bit which includes the steps that you’re going to undertake to help fix the problem. Carefully layout each and every step and elaborate upon the measures that you’re going to take to help avoid the problem in the future. This is very important and is often forgotten in the appeal process. Our experts are very well versed in writing convincing arguments to get your business back on track as soon as possible.

After submission of your appeal, the performance team at Amazon reviews your request carefully and then gets back to you with their decision. If you’re doing it on your own, it can be quite a nerve-wracking experience, however by hiring teams such as ReinstateAMZ, you can rest easy knowing that your application is in excellent hands.


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