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How to Reactivate Your Inactive Amazon Seller Account

Has your seller account been deactivated by Amazon to a violation of policy? If your Amazon seller account has been canceled, suspended, or you haven’t sold in a while, you’re probably wondering exactly how to reactivate it. While the process itself may seem straightforward, there are many things that can go wrong. You only get limited options to appeal for reactivation, thus it is better to hire experienced experts such as ReinstateAMZ to assist with your account reactivation.

The excellent thing is that it is easy to reactivate your seller account.

But first, let’s go over some of the details around account deactivation before we walk you through the steps.

What Occurs After an Amazon Seller Account Is Deactivated?

When your account is deactivated, all of the listings you placed are deleted, and your money is put on hold.

Amazon notifies you and gives you 90 days to file a proper request or endure the deactivation. You can only request any payments that are still due to you after the 90-day deadline has ended. Because this will necessitate a special investigation, expect to wait a bit for your full settlement.

To avoid putting the process on wait for longer than needed, you will be advised to ship any pending orders.

Method 1: From the Account Page Alert

Step 1 . Go to your Amazon Seller account’s main page.

Step 2: To reactivate your categories, click the “Reactivate your catalog” link. It’s near the main page, under the toolbar. You should see a message that says something like this: “Your listings in the following marketplace are presently inactive: Your listings are currently unavailable for purchase.” It will contain a link that will allow you to reactivate these options. Your account is already active if you don’t see this box.

Step 3. From the drop-down option, choose “Enabled.”

Step 4: Choose “Enable” from the drop-down menu list. You’re ready to start trading again.

Method 2:  From the Configuration Menu

Step 1: Go through your Amazon Seller account’s home page.

Step 2: From the “Settings” drop-down list in the top right-hand corner, select “Login Information.”

Step 3. Look for the “Are you going on vacation?” button and click it. It’s just to the right of the “Item Status” label and immediately above the “Inactive (Listings not offered for purchase on Amazon)” label.

Step 4: Select “Active” from the drop-down option.

Step 5: From the drop-down list, choose “Submit.” You’re ready to start trading again.

How to Reactivate an Amazon Seller Account That Has Been Suspended?

An Amazon account that has been suspended is much more serious than one that has been deactivated.

In most cases, accounts are suspended for one of three main reasons.

The first is that Amazon has expressed dissatisfaction with your customer support. The second possibility is that you violate one or more Amazon rules or you’re selling a limited item.

You can learn more about why Amazon suspended your account by looking at your Performance Alerts in Seller Central. The processes to reinstate an Amazon seller account that has been terminated are as follows.’

The first step is to evaluate why your account was first disabled.

Afterward, you’ll have to find a ‘plan of action’.

To get reinstated you need to let Amazon know that you’ll deal with the situation and prevent it from happening again. We also recommend making a list of reasons why your accounts should be reactivated, which you may provide to Amazon. Why should you continue to be involved in the Amazon marketplace as a participant?

By login into your Seller Central account and going to the Quality value, you can now start the appeal process.

You may find the Suspended Notice by going to Performance Alerts and clicking on Appeal.

You can now fill out all the Appeal Forms, which lays out the above-mentioned strategy. Many individuals face problems in this part of the process. The appeals process could be a tricky one, having seasoned experts by your side such as ReinstateAMZ could ensure a positive outcome.

State Your Argument

If you want your appeal to stand out, keep in mind you accept responsibility for the deactivation or suspension before submitting it. If you show Amazon that you want to help, you won’t repeat the same mistake.

If your appeal is related to a suspension, make sure your plan of action is clear and precise, and maintain a professional tone throughout. You could wish to hire a consultant to make sure the suspension doesn’t occur again.

When your Amazon seller account gets deactivated or suspended, it might be disheartening, but if you’re serious about your business, take it in stride and get things back on track.

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