how to remove negative feedback


Negative feedback can be quite daunting to handle, especially if it is not positive criticism. Receiving negative feedback on your Amazon account can impact your sales and ranking on the website. In e-commerce reviews and feedback can make or break your business. Customers who cannot view or experience the product in real-life tend to depend on the business’s image and reputation in the market to make purchases. Remove negative feedback from your account from that relates to transaction feedback. Negative comments can be easily removed from your feedback profile in accordance with Amazon guidelines.

Amazon has become such a popular selling platform because of the service they offer to their sellers. If there are complaints on your account regarding fulfilment or customer service these will be carefully outlined as Amazon’s fault in not delivering properly. This will take the pressure off your business because sellers are not directly responsible for fulfilment services. Once you have formed a shop on your Amazon the guidelines will read that transaction feedback let by customers can only be about the services, they should not in any way defame or scrutinizes the sellers. If individuals have received negative feedback regarding a product they should alter it to Amazon.

Neutral feedback is also a contributing factor towards decreased ranking and sales. Having some negative and neutral comments removed can greatly aid businesses in generating more positive leads and rankings.



The two main ways in which sellers can remove negative feedback is by contacting Amazon or the buyer.


Contacting Amazon

The first stage of this process is to contact Seller Central and open a new support case. Sellers should then head to their account settings, orders, and then customer feedback problems. Continue by providing a decent argument against the buyer and why the feedback should be removed. In no way should sellers lie in this stage and only facts and accurate details should be provided. Once you are done sent in the message. Remember feedback that is only related to your products is allowed to be removed.


Contacting a Customer to Remove Feedback

Individuals who have posted the reviews are allowed to remove their feedback when they wish. This however is a complicated process that needs to be followed by keeping Amazon’s rules in mind. Sellers cannot offer refunds and exchanges to the customer or removing their negative comments. If by any chance you consider enacting this process Amazon has full authority to suspend your account for breaking rules and regulations.


Sellers cannot personally contact buyers and try to resolve the issues they have faced. Initially, apologies can be distributed showing how business feels for getting the order wrong or if there was a delay in delivery. Sellers are not permitted to offer shipping refunds. If a customer happens to reply to your apology you can request them to remove their negative feedback from your account.

Buyers can in no way be threatened or pressured into removing their negative feedback. Amazon has clearly stated that the manipulation of feedback, harassment, and quid-pro-quo agreements are strictly forbidden according to their policies. Sellers can respond to feedback in an attempt to clear the misunderstanding. They can offer an apology for not meeting standards and expectations and explain to customers that the necessary steps will be taken to ensure this will never happen again in the future.

All feedback isn’t always negative and sometimes having only positive comments cannot be very helpful. Customers are always wary of purchasing online and so although they need positive reinforcements to get a better understanding of the business products, more often than naught only positive comments can drive customers away as well. Pessimistic customers won’t believe in a business’s ability to only develop positive reviews and feedback and that’s why holding on to a few negative comments occasionally are not so bad.



Some things are best if they are avoided completely. Everything should be done in moderation and excessive negative comments on your account will definitely harm your business and sales. In this case, it is better to be mindful of operations and catering to customers to ensure they are satisfied. Sellers on Amazon don’t usually consider caring for their clients because of the lack of physical interaction.

Here are some tips businesses can keep in mind to reduce the levels of negative feedback they receive on their account.

  1. When setting up your shop write better descriptions and images for all of your products. Sellers should hire a writer to professionally write some descriptions so they can attract more customers and deliver a clear understanding. Good quality, multi-angle pictures are also advised to customers can view every aspect of the product in detail.
  2. Customer Service should always be an important factor for a business. Maintaining good relationships with effective communication and responsiveness will prevent customers from being unhappy with your services. Certify your items are delivered on time.
  3. Always the state the conditions of items accurately and honestly.

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