Pre-fulfillment Cancelation Rate Suspension

Amazon has different rules that the sellers have to abide by to keep up with the amazon standards and the integrity of the market. These rules may be just a handful in numbers, but they are interlinked, and breaking any one of them leads to a ripple effect of consequences.

One of the problems that the sellers may have to face, and dread is the late shipment of orders. This is something that can offend the buyers and cause issues in more than one way. One of these concerns is the pre cancelation rate where the sellers must pay for the orders canceled before fulfillment.

This may not be a problem if you have your order delivered through FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), where it is only applicable to seller fulfilled orders. Late shipment is given great focus by sellers, but in its wake, they forget to be equally concerned about the cancelation rate which on exceeding 2.5% leads to the account suspension. Even if there are some legitimate issues to have caused such a loss, it is not something that you would want for your account.

What Does Pre Fulfillment Cancelation Rate Suspension Mean?

All the orders that are fulfilled by the seller if canceled by the seller before shipment confirmation is penalized with a rate they have to pay. If you are fulfilling these orders through FBA, you do not need to worry as it only consists of fulfilled orders. This rate is calculated based on the order that is canceled by the seller before shipment in a given period.

If the seller continues to be negligent of this practice, and this kind of issue prevails at their end, this may lead to some serious consequences. With each increasing number of pre fulfillment cancelation, the rate keeps getting higher, and after a certain limit, this will cost the seller their account under high cancelation rate suspension. What you need to do is to maintain your inventories more vigilantly and ensure deliveries in time to avoid such drastic consequences. If the buyer so much as even adds an item to their cart and it is canceled from your side, it does not go unnoticed by amazon and they take their clients’ satisfaction very seriously.

What Do You Need to Know About A-Z Claim and Suspension?

Amazon values its customers and ensures that there is no compromise on its standards and integrity. They are willing to compensate for any inconvenience caused to the buyers. If the customer shows interest in a product and places an order, it is unacceptable to keep them waiting or canceling their order before confirmation. Where a seller has to pay the pre cancelation fulfillment rate, the customer can claim theirs as well.

The A-Z claim guarantees the protection of customers when they purchase items that are sold and fulfilled by a third party. This ensures guarantee both for the delivery time and the condition of the item being purchased. If there is a problem with any one of the two, the customer has the right to report the issue and claim the refund after confirming their eligibility.

Here is how you can ensure if you are eligible for the refund:

  • The order you have placed has exceeded three days of its maximum delivery time estimated by the seller, and the tracking confirms the delivery
  • When you received your order different from the one you were expecting and requested to return to the seller
  • You have returned the package through a shipping method that is trackable, but the seller has refused to pay you the refund

To make your claim, here is what needs to be done:

  • Either contact the seller first and wait for their response or see for 48 hours before you are eligible to make your claim
  • You have 90 days to make your claim after the maximum time estimated for delivery
  • You cannot make the A-Z claim for things like digital items, service payments, instruments of stored value, etc. In case you file the chargeback with your bank, for instance, you will not be eligible for the A-Z claim
  • You can only claim this guarantee for purchases made on Amazon through a third party seller.

Amazon values their customers and tries to help you feel safe using its platform and would want to protect your rights where need be. Your claims of any offense through the seller can lead to A-Z claim suspension of the seller’s account.

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