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Amazon Seller Account SUSPENDED? 

We help you appeal your case the right way.
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72 Hr Service

Amazon Appeal Letter and Plan of Action
$ 495 72 Hours delivery
  • 5 Appeal Letters
  • Expert Seller Support
  • Worldwide Seller Support

48 Hr Service

Amazon Appeal Letter and Plan of Action
$ 695 48 Hours Delivery
  • Unlimited Appeal letter
  • Expert Seller Support
  • Worldwide Seller Support
  • Expert Amazon Support

24 Hr Service

Amazon Appeal Letter and Plan of Action
$ 995 24 Hours Delivery
  • Unlimited Appeal letter
  • Expert Seller Support
  • Worldwide Seller Support
  • Premium Account Analysis
  • Expert Amazon Support

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How does it work?

If your account is suspended...

We offer a streamlined, efficient process that is tailored to your needs.
Once you have contacted us with details of your case, we will assess and review the information (generally within an hour) and inform you on whether we can help.

Rest assured, we are here to help you every step of the way.

99% Success Rate in 2019

Don’t run the risk of rejection by doing it all yourself, a little help from us will only benefit you in the long-term and means you can focus on doing what you do best.

What customers say about us

by Trustpilot , Google Reviews & Facebook

Convinced the sceptic in me

I’m not one to fall for all the time wasters that are out there so when I got a recommendation from a friend about how to get my suspended account back online I took it with a pinch of salt. After having worked with the team here, I can’t fault the work that they’ve put in to bring forward a great letter of appeal that got my account reinstated. They certainly convinced the sceptic within me. Cheers guys!
Rob Gillies

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
Money Well Spent

The fate of my business was in the hands of the team. The price I paid versus what I gained in the process was immense. I would pay this all over again if I had to because the team was professional, efficient and just got the job done. Money well spent! You guys are legends!
Tim Sanchez

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
Trust me, you’re in safe hands

I sifted through quite a few sites before landing on, I found the team to be so efficient in their work and in their knowledge of Amazon policies. These guys have a knack of persuasive writing and building an argument, I felt so confident with them fighting in my corner! Trust me, you’re in safe hands! Account up and running again! Thanks team!
Harry J

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
Thanks - back and running again

I had my account reinstated after contacting - their expertise analysed the points raised by which has now been resolved. Thank you for making it easy for getting me back again.
New York, USA

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Frequently Asked Questions!

A: We have gotten 2200+ sellers reinstated. Our reinstatement rate is above 98%.

A:  It can take less than 24 hours or it could take longer depending on your situation and the complexity of your suspension.

A: Yes, there are several reasons behind still being able to reinstate your account. While it is more difficult – promises it can be done.

A: We will continue to respond Until you get reinstated as this is included as Part of the Package. No need to Pay again! YOU ONLY PAY ONCE!

A: Yes, we can still help you reinstate your Amazon seller account.

A: You can pay through Stripe. This adds security to all your transactions through our payment system.

We can never share any detail of another customers appeal process, including their company’s name and personal detail. We understand confidentiality is of the essence in such situations and our team of on-board specialists are only allowed to share your name after getting your permission for a referral.

No, our process does not require you giving us access. We send you the appeal electronically via email. However if you decide that you would like us to take care of the entire appeal process by user access permission, this can be possible for an additional fee

Emailing Jeff should be your very last option. It takes quite a while for him and his team to get back and your appeal needs to be airtight in order to for it to be approved. You only get one shot at this so please let our in-house experts handle this for you.

After your account has been suspended or banned, it is very tough to appeal and to get a human to decide whether to reinstate your account. Luckily, with our years of expertise, we have accumulated numerous contact emails of relevant personnel and we are well versed in communicating with them to expedite the process. However, it is important to realize that none of these solutions work for every scenario. Each scenario requires a different strategy, and our team decides upon the best possible path before submitting your appeal.

No, you will not get reimbursed as you are paying this particular amount to avail our services. Please understand that a lot of time and effort goes into submitting your appeal and dealing with responses from Amazon seller performance as well as following up until it is approved. However, since we can’t predict or dictate decisions made by Amazon, we unfortunately cannot reimburse you.

The first step is to submit your account to us for evaluation. Our team of in-house experts shall perform an overall audit to identify what went wrong. After identification of the problem, we further discuss and decide the best overall strategy to pursue for your appeal process.

We guarantee that we will make our best possible efforts into submitting your appeal in trying towards getting you reinstated but unfortunately; we can’t ensure that Amazon approves it.

This is not a one size fits all situation. You cannot just copy a format off the internet and submit an appeal. With our appeal process, you shall be getting a complete detailed requirement-based tailormade appeal that has been written by professionals with numerous years of experience and hundreds of reinstatements for clients under their belts. The language of your appeal is key towards getting you reinstated, let our professionals handle it for you.

Yes ! whether it has been suspended for a couple of days or even years, if you can still access your Amazon seller central account , we can appeal it

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