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Amazon Seller Central Account Suspended – What Next?

When an Amazon Seller Central account is deleted or suspended, it is a seller’s worst nightmare. This is mainly due to Amazon’s strict restrictions intended to protect both sellers and shoppers. What causes this to occur? Is it possible to undo it? How much time does it take to restore your account to its previous state?

You’re undoubtedly wondering about a lot of questions, therefore this article will attempt to answer all of them. Let’s take a look at every part of Amazon’s suspension or termination so you’re fully informed.

While your Amazon Seller Central account is terminated, what does it mean?

This happens when a seller breaks one of Amazon’s rules, terms, or circumstances when selling on the site. No one will be able to see your Product pages during this period. Your Amazon account has been permanently canceled, but don’t worry: you can appeal the ruling and have your account reactivated. When Amazon halts a seller’s profile, the seller is always contacted. You can modify your request based on the sort of instant ban you have.

  • Amazon has deactivated your account

This occurs when Amazon suspects your account is linked to another account that is not permitted to sell on Amazon. In this situation, Amazon will delete your account and you will no longer have the ability to sell on the site. If you decide not to do it, you will be eligible to receive your cash once 90 days has passed.

  • Suspension of Amazon Account

Your Amazon account has been suspended, which means it is currently unavailable. However, you can still contact Amazon and request that it reinstate your account by fixing the situation and offering an action plan that will persuade Amazon.

If you believe your Amazon seller account was deleted for no apparent reason, you should contact Amazon to figure out why.

  • Amazon Account Denial

Denial of Account on Amazon occurs when you have requested reactivation of your account but have been denied by Amazon. There is still time to file an updated action plan in this situation.

  • Amazon Banned Account

This is the worst-case scenario. This means you won’t be able to sell on the platform anymore, and you won’t be able to appeal.

Suspension of an Amazon Seller account might occur for a variety of reasons.

Your Amazon account may be restricted for a range of reasons, and you’ll have to develop a strategy to address the areas of concern.

  1. The performance of the seller

Whether you’re a new seller or an experienced, reputable seller, your behavior as a seller on Amazon must be consistent. Amazon is a strong believer in customer satisfaction, and you must meet or exceed Amazon’s productivity target score. This entails maintaining a very low order defect rate of less than 1%.

Poor-performing sellers are identified by Amazon by looking at financial variables such as sales, bad customer reviews and comments, late delivery, and order rejections. If your performance is judged to be inadequate,

  1. Product standards and quality

When selling goods, you must adhere to the rules and refrain from selling limited, illegal, imitation, or used items. It’s also necessary to keep up to current on Amazon’s policy regarding banned goods in certain regions. Alcohol, dynamite, cash and coins, tobacco, and other forbidden items are only a few examples. If Amazon finds that you’re selling any of these items, your account will be terminated.

  1. Having several accounts

You may not have more than one seller account while selling the same type of items, as this is considered a policy infringement. You can, however, request express permission for it by writing to Amazon; otherwise, your account will be terminated.

Another thing to remember is to avoid creating a new Seller entire account after your account has been suspended. It’s reasonable that you want to get the return to selling on Amazon, but making a new account will prevent your old primary account from being restored. It’s advisable to avoid this approach because your new account will be suspended as soon as it’s brought to Amazon’s notice.

  1. Policy breaches and infringements

When selling on Amazon, trademarks and brands are extremely crucial. You cannot use bogus trademarks, sell fake goods, or infringe on other sellers’ copyrights since your account will be suspended if this is detected.

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