Amazon regularly observes the sales velocity on its seller accounts to ensure the safety of their valued customers. Sales velocity is generally defined as the total number of monthly transactions on their website.



Amazon monitors the sales velocity for you and if a seller exceeds the standard limit, their account is suspended. Our team of talented onboard experts can assist you by contacting Amazon and helping them increase the overall limit. We guide them extensively in this regard and in this way they can easily start their transactions again. You need not worry about the increased sales velocity, we will solve this issue for you before you even notice it.

Amazon will contact you to resolve the issue and increase your sales limit. This situation if not handled properly can result in your account being permanently suspended. We will inform you about the evaluation of your account and you may inquire us through email if you are confused about the process. We may not always increase your limit but rather it depends upon the problems we find. We fully evaluate your account and make changes accordingly.




One drawback of this process is that you may not receive orders during the evaluation. You are not allowed to ship orders even if the buyers contact you directly. Also, you may not be able to confirm or cancel these orders. Once we solve the issue of your sales velocity, you can resume your sales again. We will inform you, once we evaluate you and reach a solution to your problem.



Amazon will review some of your orders specifically if we discover something out of the ordinary. Your sales should be supported by buyers’ feedback and you should have an organized sales history to avoid it. Once Amazon starts to review your sales, your account may be suspended temporarily and your funds will be put on hold for some time.

Amazon may suspend your account for other purposes and your funds will be separate from the funds held under review. Simply put, your account is held for a velocity suspension if there is an unprecedented increase in sales. Especially in the case of new sellers, if you’re selling products worth 100$/day and it increases to 1000$/day, the account gets locked for review. It is very important to maintain the flow of communication with Amazon during this process to explain the sudden increase in sales. This is exactly what our team of experts excel in, and we can assist you every step of the way!



Our team of experts can expedite your account review by following a few important practices. You may need to provide us the following information, as needed:

  • Tax ID or Dun and Bradstreet (D-U-N-S) number
  • How long you’ve been in business
  • Tracking information for recently shipped orders
  • The sources of your inventory
  • Links to other websites where you are actively selling
  • Anticipated monthly sales on Amazon
  • The address of any retail locations
  • The availability of items for shipping


Amazon will send you a notification to inform you about the review process. Our team will handle the entire process until we get your suspension removed. This notice can be found in your seller account on the Notification page of the Customer Metrics section. Also, you can track your review in the Manage Account section.


If you want to avoid this problem you may require buyers’ feedback. However, you cannot coerce any buyer to give you feedback to solve your issue. We have experts that will help you with the issues with your Amazon seller account of all types, especially with the high sales velocity suspension issue.


We understand that if a seller account is suspended, a source of income is shut down and that raises a great number of issues. No need to panic, we have a team of experienced experts that will assist you and help you in running your seller account smoothly.

We offer customized solutions to fit every need that our clients may have. Our experienced team is well versed in all the necessary steps to get your account reinstated and you can start selling again with no hassle and worries.


With our prior experience in dealing with numerous Amazon accounts, we guarantee complete satisfaction. Reach out to us now for more details!



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