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How to Pass Invoice Verification on Amazon?

Why Does Amazon Ask for an Invoice?

Amazon has been vigilantly keeping a track of invoices from sellers. This amazon invoice verification process strictness has been the result of complaints about product authenticity, quality, and even the condition of items. The measures have been taken to ensure that the standards of the marketplace and preventing the sales of fake products. Amazon invoice is supposed to make sure that the product purchased is new, safe, and from an authentic supplier.

Amazon is going to ascertain that the invoices are properly checked and verified, where there will be calls made and emails sent to investigate the authenticity of the suppliers. Certain standards have been set up to accept these invoices, and even if genuine, they may not be accepted if these standards are not met.


In What Cases Does Amazon Ask for an Invoice?

There may be different reasons for requesting invoices. Here are a few listed for you:

  • To address the complaints about product quality
  • To investigate into the complaints about the authenticity
  • To determine if the product is new or old
  • To match the description of the products
  • To provide an invoice before making the first sale of the item


How to Ensure That Your Invoice Has Been Accepted?

  • Check for the 365 Days Limit

Invoices that are older than a year are not acceptable as inauthentic. You need to make sure that the invoice dates within the 365 days’ mark to be taken into consideration.

  • Make Sure Your Invoice Is Readable

The invoice is meant to match the details to ensure the authenticity and condition of the items. Giving an invoice that is smudged, or in bad shape will only make it hard to read the information like the date, etc.

  • Make Sure Your Invoice Is Not Handwritten

This is a big NO for sending an invoice. Amazon simply does not entertain a handwritten invoice. In this case, you need to ask your supplier for a typed invoice.

  • Is The Supplier Linked to Their Website?

It is easier for Amazon to track the supplier and check their credibility if they have a website to provide with details for verification.

  • Ensure a Proper Website

In the case of a website linked to the invoice, it is not enough to merely have a website. A website that is not professionally developed or is under construction will not be accepted as authentic.

The team at Amazon needs to go through all the information to verify the suppliers, and ending up on a generic page, or finding no online presence will only mean that you keep receiving emails informing the suppliers cannot be verified. In this case, such suppliers should not be on your supply list. This may also lead to amazon seller suspension.

Do the Addresses Match Right?

There are two things to remember in this scenario. Make sure that the address on the invoice matched with the one you have provided on the Seller Central.

Secondly, the address on the invoice must also match the address the suppliers have mentioned on their website.

In either one of these cases, Amazon will not hesitate to reject your invoice.

  • Check for the Quantities Vs Sales

Your invoice can be rejected if the number of sales is greater than the items listed on your invoice, rejecting any listings in the future.

Invalid invoices for amazon can be any one of those that do not require the above standards. Even if they are genuine, these few things need to ascertain that your invoice will not be rejected.

Here is what you need to keep in mind in case:

You Have No Invoice to Send:
  • This leaves you questionable in your ability to provide documentation when needs and may also lead to denied access to the ASINs taken away from you at the least
  • This may be a problem for drop-shippers when an invoice is required before making its first sale
  • If you are a private label, it does not exempt you from providing an invoice even if you make a bigger deal
You Edit or Make Your Invoice:
  • ­Amazon has a team of trained people who are capable enough to identify document manipulation and will take no time to contact you for the case of forged invoices
  • If you have previously made invoices that you keep using for new sales, you need to remove those immediately as it can destroy your account when you are asked for documentation and get caught for fabrication
  • If your account is suspended for deceiving the buyers and breaking their trust, you have broken rules of amazon in which case you must not expect to be forgiven for it



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