Reinstate AMZ - Valid Tracking Rate Suspension

Valid Tracking Rate Suspension

The measurement of how often you applied information regarding valid tracking for your packages is known as valid tracking rate suspension. This rate is calculated as the ratio of merchants providing packages that have a valid tracking number. The tracking number is used to locate the location of orders.

The client depends on valid tracking numbers to realize where their orders are at that time and when they will receive their orders. This is extremely important to ensure customer satisfaction.

Proper Valid Tracking Numbers must match with the following standard:

  • Must have the right name of the delivery courier
  • Only use specific services of delivery in all seller satisfied orders
  • Tracing Identity for seller satisfied orders transported with a tracking system

Tracking numbers are determined to be valid when they are scanned by a carrier. This procedure is done to validate the parcel is in movement. By using VTR merchants, you can measure the effectiveness of Valid Tracking Numbers.

To examine your Valid Tracking Rate, you need to go to the seller central to choose the option of performance menu then to go forward at the option of account health to find out the shipping performance, from here you will finally reach the option to view details to examine your valid tracking rate.


Merchants essentially have the Valid Tracking Rate above 90%

If the ratio of Valid Tracking Rate is low then these scenarios occur:

  • You lose eligibility for guaranteed delivery and Premium Shipping
  • Low VTR leads to seller account suspension

Way to Calculate the Valid Tracking Rate

Amazon splits up your total packages with a valid tracking number by the confirmed and shipped parcels throughout 30-days. To choose the orders that are included in the index, the marketplace also examines the promised delivery date.

If you have completed over 200 shipments in a month but the parcels which have valid tracking are 190 in number, your valid tracking rate is 95% when the result is concluded by dividing the 190 by 200.

Items that are not present in the calculation are the following:

  1. Digital Products
  2. Small packages which usually cost less than the 10$
  3. Very Bulky and Heavy Parcels that are delivered by courier

Why VTR is Important?

To get a great customer experience, all successful brands use VTR because when you do something good for your customers then there is a great chance of getting back the same favor. Customer experience is a connection of customers with the service that is end to end. Great customer satisfaction leads to great reviews.  So, if you do more for your client it will be better for you.

Many clients complained about the poor shipping practice of the company and cancel their order which is not beneficial for the service. VTN plays a role in creating connections between the customer and the store. When the service provides the real cost and delivery estimate and tracking, the client will be able to see their order location in no time.


Ways to Improve Valid Tracking Rate Quickly

To experience better customer experiences the service needs to provide the positive Valid Tracking Rate. For better sales, service requires customers’ positive reviews.

The parcels should have these perks:

  • Less rate of defect in orders
  • Find out the lost shipments
  • Full guaranteed protection
  • Fast customer conversion
  • Improved rate of seller feedback

If you wish to get these benefits you should make best practices to make sure that you provide positive validate tracking rate data.


Firstly Edit your Tracking Information

Firstly submit your tracking information by going to the orders dashboard present in the seller central. Here you choose the managed orders to examine the ID of orders for the search of specific parcels. When you locate the order, choose the option of the Edit Shipment to provide all the tracking data. In the end, you should reconfirm the order’s shipment and wait the 3 days to examine the changes you made.


Verification of Carrier Data and Tracking Number

In addition, to improve VTR you should verify tracking number and carrier data.


Final words

By summing up the whole article we conclude that if you want an improved VTR you should confirm tracking ID, courier name, and get whole information about tracking before delivery.


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